In the heart of Calabria, the Sila National Park offers visitors a fascinating place, full of picturesque routes and exciting landscapes, mountains and enchanted valleys, spectacular plants and a wide variety of animals. The park preserves one of the most significant biodiversity heritage that deserves to be loved, and above all protected. The symbol of the Park is the wolf, a hunted species for centuries and that luckily has survived until 1970, when a law in favour of its preservation was established The Sila National park offers wild environments, magnificent sceneries of history, that change and modify with the altering of the seasons and heights, creating a magical atmosphere, a wonderful contrasts and harmonious arrangements of colours and shades. In the park it is possible to admire the so-called "vegetable patriarchs"(patriarchi vegetali), surrounded by mosses, lichens, grasses, ferns, shrubs, vines, flowers and coloured by a myriad of animals: true symbols of biodiversity and holders of a particular gene. They are unique trees which coexist in equilibrium with the environment, moderating the climate and enhancing the landscape, defending the soil and protecting water supplies. They are "heroes" who not only deserve admiration for their beauty, but also because they return to men a greater life balance, which is not only material, but mainly mystical. The forest area of the Park is so wide as to be, among all the Italian national parks, the one with the highest percentage of forest land: about 80% of the total consists mainly of beech and pine forests typical of the Silane pine, the Laricio. Large are the valleys that open up along the ridges of the park where pastoralism is practiced, with forms of transhumance and pastures that resist today, with an agriculture mainly linked to the cultivation of the potato Sila IGP Orme nel Parco is the first adventure park in Calabria, an acrobatic park where it is possible to hang in the trees surrounded by a beautiful beech forest, in the heart of the Sila Piccola (Small Sila), where balance, the spirit of adventure, the desire to get involved, coordination and partly strength, are the essential elements to face the challenge. In the Adventure Park it is also possible to practice other activities designed for family needs. Trekking offers the possibility to discover the Sila Piccola (Small Sila) along the routes of the National Park accompanied by a guide GAE (Environmental Excursion). With mountain biking, tourists enjoy the beauty of the Sila Piccola (Small Sila) along the routes of the National Park, everything can be done in complete freedom or by simply renting a GPS navigator. Groups and school groups can choose orienteering: a game primarily for children and school children, that aims at acquiring the ability to orient through the use of compasses.


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